A child’s perspective

We have electric radiators in our house.  They have vents in the top where the warm air comes through.  This morning, when I suddenly wondered where the boy was (that ominous quiet was deafening), I peeped into the spare room/office, only to find him with the digital camera*, taking photos of the view down the vents into the inside.

A couple of minutes later, I peeped in again and he was photographing the pages of a book which was lying on the bed.  Then he was inspecting my spinning wheel. 

He was quietly exploring his own world in his own way, totally absorbed in what he was doing.  And it was all about the process: he then came to take a film of me putting on my makeup, not because he wanted a film of me but because he wanted to see how long a film the camera would let him take.  (For the record, one minute.)

He wasn’t thinking about what he had to do next (go to school, as it happens) or what he’d just been doing, or how he had to get the photo just right.  He was just doing it, because he felt like it and wanted to see what happened if he did.

What would happen if I lived a whole day like that?

*It’s his camera.  We gave him an old one with a slight mark on the lens which we notice but he doesn’t.


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