A fabulous day

Today did not hold (for me at least) any tropical island sunbathing, spa treatments, or even glasses of wine or new shoes.  But it was a good day, and it’s good to notice the fabulous days even when – especially when – they’re ordinary.

Today’s fabulous ordinary (or should that be ordinary fabulous?) included:

Completing a tedious piece of work I’d been putting off.  Phew.

Writing an article I had the idea for weeks ago, and being pleased with the result.  I love writing.

Holding the boy’s hand as we chatted on the way to and from school.  He doesn’t do that very often – he’s a big boy now.

Deciding against making the complicated dinner I’d planned and whipping up egg and chips instead, giving me more time to read my book.  Bonus.

Special doesn’t have to be out of the ordinary.  Today was special because I truly enjoyed everything I did.  Even the tedious bit, because I knew it was going to be over soon!


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