Work-life balance

A Bank Holiday weekend brings a houseful of small boys.  With them they bring…

… a need for endless meals, snacks and drinks
… superhero costumes
… random snatches of song
… enormous amounts of energy
… occasional tantrums and sudden tired, grumpy sulks
… sunny smiles and mischievous twinkles
… grubby knees
… scrapes and grazes
… cute mispronunciations (I hope I am always known as Aunty Wiz)

A day back at work after the Bank Holiday brings…

… measured, adult conversation about serious things
… the ability to focus on one thing at a time
… strange, but very welcome, silence
… the opportunity to sit for hours at a stretch, thinking hard and writing long complex sentences
… a social requirement to control the urge to sing, or dance, or announce to all and sundry, “I need a wee”

Work-life balance in action?


One thought on “Work-life balance

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