The myth of getting ahead

The internal conversation goes something like this:

“I deserve a break.  None of this stuff is urgent.  It can wait.”

“But I need to get ahead.  If I do this today then I can have the whole of tomorrow off.”

“Hmm, a whole day off.  That would be good.  So why don’t I have today off and catch up tomorrow?”

“But if I do it today it will be done and then I can have my day off guilt-free.”

“Guilt-free?  That would be a novelty.  I am a parent, after all.  I feel guilty when I’m working and guilty when I’m not working. “

“Do it now, get it out of the way.”

“I’ll do it now and have tomorrow off.”

We all know how this ends.  There is always more to do tomorrow and if we’re not careful the time off never happens.  Take it now, for goodness’ sake, whether you can spare it or not.


One thought on “The myth of getting ahead

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