You are enough / What would you tell them?

There’s a danger in working at home: a danger that we’ll begin to feel that we’re the only ones like us.

I’m not talking about general isolation; it’s hard to feel isolated with the boy and his friends running in and out.  I mean that feeling of being neither one thing nor the other, especially at the school pickup.  Not a real Working Mum (heels not high enough, not quite rushed enough) or a Stay at Home Mum (though people often assume that’s what the casual clothes and the fact I’m there for pickup at all mean).  Something in between; difficult to pigeonhole.  Not One of Us.

That’s where the internet can be a godsend.  People Like Us live there!  We can remind each other that whoever we are and whatever we do, we are enough.

Do you work from home?  What’s the one thing you would tell someone who was about to take the plunge and do the same?

Do you wish you worked from home?  What’s the one thing you’d ask someone who does if you were sure they wouldn’t laugh?

Leave a note in the comments – I’d love to know.  And I bet someone else out there is thinking the same as you are.

PS. If you’ve visiting from Work from Home Wisdom, welcome!  And if not, do go over and see what I’ve got to say in my guest post there today.


3 thoughts on “You are enough / What would you tell them?

  1. I worked from home for 20 years. It definitely has it’s challenges, especially when the kids are very young. Later the internet became my biggest source of adult connection and conversation, as well as connected me with others in my line of work. Online we were known as WAHMs, but in the “real” world, most people seemed to think as you mentioned, that we work when we want and can drop everything if someone calls, needs a babysitter, etc. That was one of the biggest frustrations by far for me, that people didn’t seem to grasp I actually WORKED.

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