Simplify: how clients and children can be similar

There was once a boy who travelled from his sleepy East Anglian village to the great city of London and had many adventures*.  Fresh from the sight of Big Ben, the life sized blue whale in the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, the Science Museum and a live magic show, he was asked what he enjoyed the most.

“The film,” he said.  Er, that would be the internationally-available superhero film which he could just as easily have seen in the cinema few miles from home.

It’s right that we give our children exciting experiences when we can.  But it’s also comforting to know that (like their parents), they are simple souls at heart and are generally happy with the small things in life.

I suspect the same goes for our clients in the world of work.  They don’t want fireworks and amazement every day of the week.  They don’t want spectacular promises.  They want stuff that works and is delivered on time, preferably with a nice smile (or the virtual equivalent).  And the things which impress them may not always be the things we expected to impress them!

I think what I’m trying to say is that simple is good.  We can sometimes over-complicate our business offering and try to do too many things, or things that are too big for us.  It’s often better to do a few things well (picking the right film, only seeing the blue whale and the dinosaurs and not trying to fit in the whole enormous museum, working with two clients at a time instead of ten) than to try and do everything.  We can’t be all things to all clients, but we can pick the film they want to see.  Metaphorically speaking!

*He also asked a lot of questions, and you can read about one of them here.


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