The downside to doing work you love

Do you care about the work you do?

Do you always do the best you can?

Do you say ‘yes’ a little too often?

Does it sometimes all feel a bit too much?

Sometimes the mythical work-life balance actually happens.

Perhaps the reason we appreciate it so much when it does is that, more often, the opposite happens.  There seems to be no balance.  We sit at the screen all day.  We have no thought in our heads but the next task, the next meeting, the next mountain to climb.

Then I remind myself to take some time, whether I can afford it or not.  A bike ride, a walk, a moment to weed the garden.  A few minutes to remember why we chose this self-employed life.  In my case, it was to be able to work around my family, but also because I wanted to do good, meaningful work.  We can’t do either of those things if we don’t lift our noses from the grindstone regularly.

Tell me – when you lose the balance in your own situation, how do you help yourself find it again?


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