Home working secrets

Not secrets of success.  Not ways to ‘make it’.  Those secret things you do during your working day that you keep to yourself.  Like writing a blog when you should be doing ‘real work’…

Do you secretly drink a dozen cups of coffee every day rather than the six you admit to with pretended shame?

(I don’t drink coffee – because I don’t like it, not through any sense of virtue – but don’t ask about my tea consumption.  I wouldn’t want to have to lie to you.)

Do you sometimes make yourself a delicious lunch that nobody else in the family would eat, just because you can?

(I’m waiting for mine to cook as we speak…check back in a day or two and I’ll let you further in to that particular secret.)

Or maybe your secrets are less fun:

Being unable to refuse work even when you don’t want it and don’t have time for it?

Working every hour of the day and skipping lunch because you took on too much and won’t give in?

(I’m much too greedy ever to skip lunch but lunch is too often a snatched affair swallowed in five minutes between jobs.  But one of my secrets is that I always read while eating it, even if it’s just a page or two.  I like to think it keeps me sane.  Mostly it just makes a mess of all my books.)

I’ve shared some of mine.  What are your little secrets?


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