In praise of deadlines

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer and homeworker in possession of a large workload, must be in want of a deadline.

(With apologies to Jane Austen and her many fans!)

Deadlines seem to divide people into two camps.  There’s the Douglas Adams camp, loving “the whooshing sound they make as they fly by“.  Then there’s what you might call the Moses camp, seeing them as being as important as if they’d been carved on tablets of stone.

I’m the Queen of Deadlines, as you’re about to witness.

People often tell me they like the idea of working from home, or working for themselves, but they’re “not motivated enough” to do it.  They seem to fear they’d spend all day watching daytime TV and eating biscuits.  Well, I don’t even watch evening TV.  I can relate to the biscuits, but they don’t prevent me from working!  (Neither does working prevent me from eating biscuits, unfortunately.)

I’m in a season of busyness.  Maybe others deal with huge workloads in other ways, but for me the deadline is the way forward, even if it has to be self-imposed.  Try telling yourself that this page, this task, this thing, has to be completed in two hours.  Or three days, or whatever period of time you can afford.  It’s amazing how it focuses the mind.  It helps get over the feeling that something has to be perfect.  No, it just has to be finished.  If it needs perfecting you can do that another day – with another deadline.

So, are you with me, with Douglas Adams, or with Moses when it comes to deadlines?


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