A summer pause

August, like mischievous child, is calling me.

“Come outside and play!” he squeals.

“Look,” he whispers, “September is hiding in the bushes.  Sshhhh… Let’s run away.” And he darts around the corner, giggling and making aeroplane noises.

And, because his delight is infectious, I follow, and we dance in the sunshine.

You’ll excuse me, I hope, if the next couple of weeks are a little quiet on the blogging front.  The boy, the husband and I will be outside, making the most of August.

September?  She’ll wait patiently, like the kindly schoolmistress she is.  She has a lot to teach us, and, believe me, she has many, many things for me to d0, but for now she’s content to watch the children playing.

Come September, posts will be coming to you as regular as clockwork, themed and carefully crafted.  Because September is always a turning point.  But for now, with leaves in our hair, sand in our shoes and ice lollies in our hands, let’s take a summer pause…


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