Steps along the way

I’ve an article (“Steps Along the Way”) in the inspiring Juno Magazine, out this week.  With a special picture of the boy in the woods, taken by the lovely husband!


2 thoughts on “Steps along the way

  1. Your article sums up parenting better than I ever could – the overwhelming love, the fun, the worry, the occasional trauma, the caring, the joy (wait for the teenage years!!!) and then the gradual move towards independence, the drifting away but always coming back even when the offspring have lives of their own to live. I remember my Mum saying exactly the same thing, but not quite so eloquently!
    Having just found your blog, I’ve managed to pass half of the morning pouring over your entries, when I had assigned myself the task of de cluttering on this rainy day. Ah well, having started on my wardrobe, I’d only managed to assign two garment to the charity bag anyway!
    I wonder if you’ve turned out as you are because of our parenting or despite it?? Keep on keeping the child within – as I have….

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