Practice: do it

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing (Walt Disney)

The boy complains that they learn the same things over again at school. “We did multiplying and dividing last term!”

I tell him that practice makes perfect, and sometimes we have to learn a lesson many times before we actually put it into practice.

Then I realise that this pearl of Mummy-wisdom is one I should be taking to heart myself. I read books and think, “I knew that already”. But reading is not the same as doing, and remembering something when you read it is not the same as knowing.

I already know that focusing on the most important job first thing in the morning is the way to get things done. (So why is it already 2pm and I’m still not settling down to it and am complaining about being behind?)

I already know that early nights and relaxing evenings mean better sleep, and better sleep means better health. (So why do I stay up late?)

Bookshops, the internet, our friends and family – they are all full of advice on how-to-do-just-about-anything-you-can-think-of. But here’s a little secret:


You have to actually do it.


If I’m going to write two blog posts a week, I have to actually sit down and write.

If I’m going to get that new client, I have to actually make contact.

If I’m going to eat healthily, I have to make that choice every time I set foot in the kitchen.


I know this is not rocket science.  I know you know this already. But maybe, like me, you could do with a reminder to just do it.

By the way, it turns out that relaxing evenings (in my case, lavender baths with a book) really do help you sleep better. I finally tried it.


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