Love where you live

I love Yorkshire.  That’s a given.  It’s my spiritual home as well as my former home, and its rugged scenery is beautiful.  But now I’ve decided to love Suffolk too.  Why?


1. I live here! How wonderful to wake up every morning and appreciate the place where you are.

2. The wide, wild skies of East Anglia are spoken of so often they’re almost a cliche.  But cliches become so for a reason, and it’s only recently that I’ve woken up to the beauty of the huge expanse above me, stretching miles in every direction.  You can’t possibly feel hemmed in here – there’s nothing to hem you in for miles. There’s freedom – mental and physical – in that.

3. It’s a gentle, rolling county.  Not as flat as some would have you believe (that’s the Norfolk/Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire Fens – which have a wildness all of their own), but soothing, comforting and welcoming.  And green.

4. It’s great cycling country – and doesn’t have the aggressive hills of some parts of God’s Own County.  (That’s Yorkshire, for the uninitiated.)

5. We still have some hedgerows left, and they are amazing in the autumn, especially this year.  Everywhere I look there are hips and haws, sloes and blackberries.  I hunt in vain for hazelnuts, but I’m sure they’re there somewhere.

6. Suffolk is generally warmer and drier than the rest of the country.  I can grow tomatoes outside and regularly carry my laptop into the garden and call it work.

7. My boy was born here and has lived here all his life. It’s our home – where we live and work.


3 thoughts on “Love where you live

  1. I love where I live too! I’ve just come back from walking into the village to the farm shop and as I walked along I thought that this is a wonderful place to live. Everyone is so friendly. I usually bike into the village, but walking puts a different perspective on the experience and you can notice things that you just whizz past on a bike. In fact, I think I’ve loved every place we’ve lived – each place was right for the time.

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