Playing hooky

It takes practice to be able to estimate how long a job will take.  I’m pretty good at it now.  I learnt early on to build in plenty of slack for:

  • Faffing time (on the part of the client; I can faff with the best of them, but not where work is concerned)
  • Moving of goalposts (sometimes a job isn’t quite what you thought it was going to be)
  • Unexpected days off school (for my child, or even the client’s)
  • Other people’s contributions not being made on time
  • IT gremlins
  • Something else I hadn’t even thought of

In general, it’s good to expect the unexpected.  Usually, the extra time I’ve built in gets used up, one way or another.  (Which I suppose means it’s not extra at all!)

Sometimes, though, the stars align and I get a burst of miraculous energy which means I can award myself some Time Off.  It feels like playing hooky, but why else do we work from home if not for the perks it brings?

I’m particularly smug this morning, having had an hour’s bike ride in the glorious autumn sunshine before the heavens opened.  Sheets of rain are pouring down my windows now, as I sit at my desk.  Play hooky whenever you can.  Carpe diem and all that!


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