The most important job

Yesterday I said something to the boy that I shouldn’t have said and didn’t mean.

What it was doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I said it because I was distracted from my most important job – Being Mum – and I messed up.

Life is full of good things at the moment: interesting work; exciting writing; fascinating learning (about coaching: I’ll tell you about it some time); fun exercise; time with friends; even rollerskating!

I had been congratulating myself on doing it all, but the truth is that something always gives.

It’s not just about how you spend your time, but where you put your mental, physical and emotional energy.  Of course I need to put energy into my career, my hopes and dreams, my health and fitness – but I also need to save some (a lot) for conscious parenting.  The boy needs attention – and he generally gets plenty of that – but he also needs guidance and discipline, and those weighty things have to be thought through and followed through by us, his parents.  Plus, there must be energy left over for fun and silliness!

Going through life is like riding a bike: a constant balancing act.  Sometimes you lean one way, sometimes another.  You’ve got to keep pedalling, and you’re constantly making adjustments to the handlebars, the gears, and looking out for obstacles in the road.  Sometimes you wobble or fall, but you have to get back in the saddle.  And you need to remember where you’re going – and why.

This Live and Work at Home life is for me – but it’s also for my family.  Being Mum is my most important job.  What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “The most important job

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts Liz.

    I think that when you’re going through a rough/challenging time e.g. illness it’s quite clear from how we actually act what is our most important job. If my children are ill everything else – house chores, work etc. – goes out of the window.

    And yes, life is definitely like riding a bicycle!

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