Be where you are

What if, this year, we didn’t look forwards to the new year or backwards to the old one, at least not for a while?

What if we just looked at now?  No goals, no resolutions – at least not yet.  And certainly no regrets.

This is now.  This is what I’m doing, this is where I live, this is how I feel.  This is now.

What is your truth, your reality, now?

Only by acknowledging where we are now, and truly being here now, can we slowly begin to see where we need to go.


3 thoughts on “Be where you are

  1. How wise you are! When I got up this morning I had a feeling of anti-climax as all visitors had gone and I was mulling over things. Then I saw your post and immediately snapped out of it and came into the present. After some ‘in the now’ gardening and a lovely walk to the farm shop I feel much better and energised. Thank you!

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