Not because it’s January

wet January walk4

I didn’t exercise because it was January, or because I should, or for the good of my health and waistline.  I did it because of Tuesday.

Tuesday was Back to School Day in these parts.  Tuesday was going to be the Day I Got Things Done.  I had been looking forward to Tuesday.  In reality, Tuesday was a succession of tasks I didn’t enjoy (accounts, anyone?) interspersed with ‘shoulds’ and a complete lack of motivation and inspiration.  Tuesday was miserable, and so was I.

Tuesday is also the day of my weekly exercise class.  I almost didn’t make it off the sofa, but habit (and guilt because the husband had come home early to be Daddy in Charge so I could go out) got me there in the end.  It was hard work after several weeks off, and I still can’t walk up or down stairs without wincing and complaining loudly, but that hour of sweating and gasping for breath seemed to flick a switch in my brain.

I was back.  I had perspective.  I could even laugh.  All was not lost.  Tuesday was just Tuesday, not the end of all hope.

So when today came, and January did what January does best (see photo above and add wind and rain), I knew there was only one thing for it.  The only way to get any work done was to dig out the wellies, get outside, and get moving, first.  Stagnation only happens if you stay in one place.  Move the body and the brain will follow.  Exercise isn’t a ‘should’.  It’s a ‘want to’.


4 thoughts on “Not because it’s January

      • Actually, thank you for the inspiration. I took myself and Argos up into the hills and had a most pleasant walk. I am DESPERATELY unfit, so the best I can do now is 7 1/2 minutes reasonably quickly up a gentle incline (tossing balls with the chuck-it for Argos to retrieve as I go). I carry a timer in my pocket, and when it goes off I stop, enjoy the view, and then head back down. I’ve a ways to go before I can do real hikes … but at least I’m taking steps now. That’s progress!

      • That’s brilliant! A walk always does it for me, and as a bonus I find it makes space for those writing ideas you were looking for to bubble up to the surface…

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