Losing and finding rhythm

I know I’ve lost the rhythm of my days when I discover the house plants dying and the tomato plants in their pots in the greenhouse limp and drooping, a pale grey tinge to their once-green leaves. These are un-missable clues that I’ve temporarily lost the balance. Another clue is food: the family eat leftovers and I’m reduced to a nasty ready meal picked up in a service station on the last leg of a long journey.

I crave a slow day of setting things to rights: a day of pottering, tidying, nurturing and coming back to myself. But that will have to wait. Today I’ve committed to a writing day with a fellow writer. I ignore the whispers that I can’t afford the time, and I even postpone the longed-for day of slowness, and begin to write myself back to balance instead.

There are many ways of balancing ourselves. Last night’s discovery of the perilous state of my tomato plants came about because of a desperate need to feel the grass beneath my feet and the fresh outdoor air on my face after a long indoor day. My garden, a pen and paper, a good book: these are some of the things that nurture me and bring me back to myself. I need them today.

What brings you back? Do you need nurturing today? (If you think you can’t afford the time, or don’t know what you truly need, those are also unmissable clues that now is the time for rebalancing.)


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