The catapult effect


Ah, that will be real life arriving.

There’s been a funny time of working (and writing) limbo in these parts recently: plenty to do, but nothing big or urgent. A little here, a little there, some gentle marketing… And then the marketing takes effect and there are client calls and visits to make, and commitments to large and sometimes challenging pieces of work, and long days of discussion and thinking and planning and all the things that I enjoy but have somehow forgotten how to deal with and it feels like suddenly catapulted forward into bright light and noise and frantic activity.

This, too, is just another part of the freelance cycle. I suppose that the shock and blinking surprise I feel every single time, and the readjustment needed, are also part of the same cycle.

How do you deal with suddenly being flung forward into a new cycle of activity after a slower period?


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