Tips for when you can’t be bothered: one small useful thing

We all have days when we’d rather be at the beach.  Or even at the local landfill site.  Anywhere but where we’re supposed to be, doing what we’re supposed to be doing.  And although, on occasion, I’m all for giving up and going out on my bike, we can’t do that every time we hit a motivation slump.  We wouldn’t be in business very long.

So if you’re stick in can’t-be-bothered-land today, what’s the smallest useful thing you could do to move forward with the thing you don’t want to do?  Do that.  Even if you manage nothing else and go and eat a cream cake to celebrate, at least you’ll have achieved something.  And some days, that’s all that matters.

Today I am supposed to be analysing a huge amount of information and writing something sensible about it.  It feels like trying to climb to the top of the rubbish mountain at that landfill site I mentioned earlier.  But I know there are a few questions I need to go back and ask about all this information.  That only involves writing an email.  I can probably summon up the motivation I need to send one email.  And then I’ll have moved things forward just a tiny bit.

That email might be all I do today.  At least it would be progress.  Or it might be enough to get me into the right frame of mind to do another small thing, or even a bigger one.  That would be even more progress.  “One step at a time”, and all that.

If you think you’re in danger of wasting today, what one small useful thing could you do?


2 thoughts on “Tips for when you can’t be bothered: one small useful thing

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