Growing pains

His world is growing, oh so fast.  Smoothly and gently, with no cracks or creaks, like a balloon being blown up.

The only cracks are within me.  Deep inside, I feel them – I swear I can almost hear a creaking and a cracking in my breastbone as my heart swells along with his world.

From a distance, I watch him climb on a bus to what will be his new school in the town several miles away.  I listen and nod and agree as he and a friend hatch a plan for him to ride his bike to the friend’s house, several streets away from home.  No parental involvement required.

I step back and step away, because this is right.  I will not stifle this growing independence.  Instead, I sit with the pain in my heart and know it for what it is: growing pains.  His expanding world brings growth for us both.  But oh, some days it hurts.


2 thoughts on “Growing pains

  1. As I read your post I felt my heart bursting. It brought back the same feelings when you (and your siblings) went to school, into town, to secondary school and to university for the first time. Each stage is a big change and there is the feeling that nothing will ever be the same again. Each stage, however brings opportunities and growth and before you know it life has moved on into a different sphere. I feel that our life is also coming to a change as for the boy we’ll maybe not be the best thing since sliced bread when we come to visit, but we’ll enjoy the next phase as we see him (and you) growing and developing. ( I think we must be at a new stage in our lives as we went out this morning on our bikes and forgot to lock the door!!)

    • I still think you’re the best thing since sliced bread – even if your memories are going 😉

      Of course I never realised at the time that our life stages made any difference to you – now i do!

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