Reasons to love living and working at home

  1. Spending the days in a place where you truly belong.
  2. A walk during the day: exercise, fresh air, and a chance to actually meet some of the neighbours rather than driving past them in the dark mornings and evenings and never speaking.
  3. No dress code, no need to wear uncomfortable shoes all day.  (But always get dressed. The postman will thank you.)
  4. When a job’s done, it’s done.  No need to “look busy” until 5pm.
  5. A hot jacket potato instead of a cold sandwich for lunch.
  6. The comfort of being at home.
  7. Being able to visit a shop during the working day instead of on Saturday with everyone else.
  8. Building connections: with a place, with the people around you, with yourself.

It’s about having roots, belonging, being able to be a whole person. Who I am at work is who I am at home, because I don’t have to carve myself into different-shaped pieces.  I can shape my home and my life to fit me and my family.


4 thoughts on “Reasons to love living and working at home

    • Each to their own! I reckon if I stayed in my PJs all day I would never get anything done; mhy brain would think it was on holiday. But if it works for you, go for it. Just watch out for the postman!

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