Are irritations less or more irritating when you work alone?

I will only offer a brief answer to this question, for reasons that will become abundantly clear.

When the document you’ve spent all morning writing suddenly, for no discernable reason, turns from reasonable English prose to gibberish and strange characters, some of which may be Chinese, how do you react?  If I was working in an office with others, I’m sure I’d be fuming and enlisting help and sympathy from everyone around me.  I could probably build an hour-long conversation and moan-fest around it, and someone would offer me tea and biscuits.

But when the only living being around is a rabbit, and he’s out in an uninviting rain-soaked and windswept garden, what do you do?

  1. Sigh loudly (although even that’s unsatisfying when there’s nobody to hear you).
  2. Fiddle around ineptly for a few minutes trying to fix it, without success.
  3. Give up and eat lunch. (Not the healthy one you were planning but leftover spaghetti followed by toast because it’s quick and easy and annoyance has made you hungry.)
  4. Return bottom to chair and begin the whole document again, saving every thirty seconds just in case.  Because there aren’t any other options.

Would it have been cathartic to share the irritation with other people, or does working alone make you more stoic, more likely to shrug and get on with things?  And which is better?

I shall mull this over while repeating a whole morning’s work.


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