Are there too many things to do, or is it just that we (or I, at least) have an overriding need to do ALL THE THINGS and – here’s the real problem – do them ALL AT ONCE, NOW?

Everything we do, we do in stages.  Even something as simple as making a cup of tea involves a whole series of steps, from getting up off the chair to filling the kettle, switching it on, and so on.

So when we’re starting a new venture, or simply trying to get done all the things that we’re committed to doing, let’s remember that we can’t do them all at once.  We can only do them one step at a time.

No prizes for guessing who this post is written for.  You, my reader, of course, but mostly as a reminder to myself that I can’t do all the things all at once!

2 thoughts on “DO ALL THE THINGS

  1. I have a rich and varied to-do list, all of which points toward my life goals. But before I can really get stuck into it, I have four things that I need to get sorted. And every single time I sit down to do one of those things, I start worrying about the others. For the past few months I have spun from one to the other, getting NONE of them done, constantly feeling overwhelmed, and regularly hiding myself in books. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

    • NOT stupid! Natural and perfectly understandable. Be kind to yourself, do one TINY bit of ONE of the four, and celebrate your progress!

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