Unexpected October blessings

So far this October is not only proving that life is seasonal, but that you don’t always get the season you expected either.

We expected crisp, cool mornings and maybe even a touch of frost in the early hours.  We’re getting warm, humid ones in which you can still go outside in pyjamas and bare feet at 7am to feed the rabbit.

October generally involves cosy boots and woolly jumpers.  This year I’m still slapping around in flipflops and leaving the cardi at home.

Ah, the autumn colours: red, gold and russet leaves spiralling down in the slanting sunshine.  Not yet; not this year.  Many trees are still as green as June and the rest are only just beginning to fade and curl.  At least there are conkers – we’re thankful for that.  The boy produced an enormous quantity from the pocket of his school shorts (shorts!) the other day after complaining that the weight was pulling his shorts down.  I wasn’t surprised; there must have been twenty of them in there.

October means pumpkins swelling like friendly monsters in the vegetable patch.  But my pumpkin plants came to nothing this season and I’m still wandering into the garden at lunchtime to gather handfuls of tomatoes, courgettes and green beans.

Previous years have seen me happily cramming the cupboards with chutneys, pickles and jams.  This October is busy with work and study, so there are rather more Chinese takeaways and fish and chip suppers than usual, and not a kilner jar in sight.  (Except for the one that holds the popcorn!)

I love the seasons, whatever they bring – it’s the change that’s so invigorating.  So, in seasonal changes as in all things, let’s expect (and embrace) the unexpected.

[I wrote this a couple of days ago.  Since then the expected season has arrived suddenly, with sinking temperatures, angry red sunrises, wind and rain.  Which just goes to show, seasons change and we should enjoy every moment before it turns into something else!]