Business un-planning

I haven’t deliberately lied to you. I promise. But I seem to have accidentally misled myself – and thus you – into thinking that I don’t make detailed plans.

However, yesterday I found myself ironing. (Which I hadn’t planned, but the ironing fairy was away. Again.) And while I was doing it my mind was wandering and I swear I found myself having the following thought:

“If I go to visit my parents in half term and then I’m only home for a day before I have to take that trip to the south west and then I only have another two days before we go away again… Maybe I should plan what the boy and I are going to wear for that fortnight so I can make sure we have enough clean clothes.”

Quite apart from the fact that it is impossible to plan what an eight year old is wearing (he would disagree, insist on wearing something else and then spill baked beans on everything) – how on earth is that the thought of a person who doesn’t make detailed plans?

For years I have carried this image of myself as a spontaneous, fly-by-the-pants-seat type of person. And yet, it appears, I am actually in danger of carrying out wardrobe and laundry planning.

However, I stand by my previous point. When it comes to the big things, I do still avoid planning and wing it. I don’t know where my business will be in six months, let alone six years. I’ll follow my nose, see what happens, follow up opportunities. And by micro-planning the things which I can control, I can free up time and head space to roll with, cope with and even take advantage of all the many things which I can’t control.